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All The Little Things To Love

So far for my month of love all I’ve talked about are the people I love. (Yes, I’m grouping my Angel and the squatter as people.) There are a lot of things that I love too: books, chocolate, pretty much … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2017: A Continuing Love Letter

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but my husband, Roy, and I are still celebrating! As per usual, we each staked out our days. Roy and I always do a special meal, and an activity. Roy went first, choosing … Continue reading

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The Best Man I Know

You know how some people just come across as so good, you’re not sure they’re real or certain you’re not seeing all there is to see? That’s how I first saw my husband. I remember trying to see the “real … Continue reading

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A Month of Love: A Celebration!

A little while ago, I was planning my blog posts for the next few months. I always write posts ahead of time, ideally four to six weeks out and then of course currents events or things may bump my reserve … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2016

You know those annoying, sappy Valentine’s Day posts about how much the writer loves his/her spouse and what they did on Valentine’s Day? Well be warned… this is exactly that. 😛 This Valentine’s Day was special. I mean every Valentine’s … Continue reading

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