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2017: Bring It!

2016 wasn’t a tragic year – good things happened, great things even – but damn did it also suck beyond the telling of it. I pretty much covered that in my end of year review. I faced kind of my … Continue reading

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Breaking My Silence: A Dream Publication – Let’s Talk About An Unspeakable

On October 31, one of my most personal essays was published at one of my dream publications: The Manifest-Station. I was going to share it, but I was sick. Preoccupied. I had stuff going on. It was only a week … Continue reading

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A Bad Dream

I woke up feeling the heavy weight of panic in my chest as my head jerked quickly to the right. I saw the back of my husband’s head and our dog, Angel, sleeping between us, her butt against my husband’s … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence: It’s Not A Women’s Issue, It’s A Human Issue

October has always been a big month for me. It is LGBT History Month (Pride is something else yo). In college and graduate school there were midterms and big-deal projects. But October is also something else – it’s Domestic Violence … Continue reading

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Out Of My Life… Three Years Later

On June 16, 2012 I saw my mother for the very last time. It was brief; she was just dropping off my sister, thirty minutes late. I was getting married and my sister was my flower maiden, she was going … Continue reading

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