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Labor Day 2016

I had big plans this Labor Day… 1. DO NOT MAKE ANY PLANS. 2. Do nothing. 3. Try to avoid leaving the house. 4. Sleep in. 5. Write if you can, but don’t pressure yourself. 6. Animal cuddles. 7. Grill … Continue reading

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Just SLEEP Already

I’m tired. Not tired as in stressed or overworked or had a late night yesterday, no I’m tired as in seriously sleep deprived going on six weeks. What counts as seriously sleep deprived? Four to six hours every night for … Continue reading

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“You look exhausted,” my husband tells me when he gets home from work. He said the same thing this morning, and will say it again at least seven more times before the day is through. “I am exhausted,” I say. … Continue reading

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Bad Body: After Ten Days Of Neglect My Body Is Taking A Stand (And Making Me Pay)

I don’t think I’m very high maintenance, but my body is another story. I mean talk about a drama queen! It’s either this is broken or this organ is slacking or needs surgery or my blood is out of whack, … Continue reading

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