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One Month Later… Grief, Anger, Defiance, Tolerance vs. Acceptance, Resolve

One month ago today something horrible happened. I’m sure you know what it is because everyone knows it by name. And if it takes you a minute, I’ve only written about it three times (this is the fourth) in the … Continue reading

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Still Here: Not Dead, Just Busy

For the past two weeks I’ve kind of let my two blogs (remember I have a blog for reviews too) go. Nothing is wrong. I’m not dead, just busy. I’ve really tried to focus on writing for online sites, pitching … Continue reading

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Working, Writing Through Grief: Orlando and The Huffington Post

Last week I woke up, sat at my laptop, and immediately saw my Facebook feed full of sorrow and grief and shock and outrage. I learned what happened in Orlando. And I was shocked, devastated and maybe a little numb. … Continue reading

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My Heart is (Breaking) With Orlando

I have wanted to say something about Orlando since hearing about it. And I can’t. Because I don’t understand. I don’t understand hating someone so fiercely you want to end their life. Even someone who has wronged you in the … Continue reading

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The Lingering Echoes Of What Was (And What I Could Hear)

It’s been two years and six months since I last heard music. My best friend, Crystal, was visiting me in Colorado. She was helping me proof pages for my husband’s first wedding anniversary gift (a big ass book all about … Continue reading

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