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Back In My Life

For most of my life, I’ve been an orphan whose parents were still very much alive. I had to provide for myself, starting work when I was ten, bounced around and was even homeless because I was too young to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: One of the Hardest Days of the Year

There are a few days that I dread each year. My birthday is one; Mother’s Day is another. Sometimes I acknowledge it, I reach out to friends who are wonderful mothers and give them a shout out. I do know … Continue reading

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Breaking My Silence: A Dream Publication – Let’s Talk About An Unspeakable

On October 31, one of my most personal essays was published at one of my dream publications: The Manifest-Station. I was going to share it, but I was sick. Preoccupied. I had stuff going on. It was only a week … Continue reading

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Four Years: Another Birthday Missed

Four years. That’s what it will be in ten days. Four years since I’ve seen, spoken to or really had any contact beyond the occasional email or text message where she wants something… where I can’t even be sure that … Continue reading

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The High Price Of Being The Better Person (And How It Cost Me My Sister)

I have a very complicated relationship with my sister. All right, that is misleading or an understatement or just doesn’t seem 100% true. For the past three plus years I have not had a relationship with my sister. And for … Continue reading

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