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Back In My Life

For most of my life, I’ve been an orphan whose parents were still very much alive. I had to provide for myself, starting work when I was ten, bounced around and was even homeless because I was too young to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: One of the Hardest Days of the Year

There are a few days that I dread each year. My birthday is one; Mother’s Day is another. Sometimes I acknowledge it, I reach out to friends who are wonderful mothers and give them a shout out. I do know … Continue reading

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Breaking My Silence: A Dream Publication – Let’s Talk About An Unspeakable

On October 31, one of my most personal essays was published at one of my dream publications: The Manifest-Station. I was going to share it, but I was sick. Preoccupied. I had stuff going on. It was only a week … Continue reading

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Pre-Parenting Questions, Doubts, Longings: Are They Natural Or More Than Just Cold Feet?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about having kids – a lot. I hear that very loud clock only getting louder and since we don’t have about 200k lying around (what it takes to have A – as in one – kid … Continue reading

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Easter 2016 – Another Cheesy “With Child” Practice Run

I’ll admit it, I can be a little cheesy. All right, sometimes I might just be the Queen of Cheesetown. When it comes to the holidays I tend to be less about old traditions and more about making traditions that … Continue reading

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