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Happy Birthday to My Husband: BBQ, Trolls and Coconut Cake

Last Friday was my husband’s, Roy’s, birthday. Every year I go all out (or at least I try to) with surprise birthday parties, home-cooked meals, cakes from scratch, but this year I kind of felt the need to do something … Continue reading

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DVD Subtitles: Why Is It So Hard?

Living life as a deaf person can be difficult, particularly when I was not born deaf, and when I’m not 100% deaf. I’m what’s called profoundly deaf, in a nutshell I am truly 100% deaf to a large percentage of … Continue reading

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True Horror: Gore Is Gross – The Imagination Is Creepier

I don’t like to be scared and yet my favorite kinds of books are thrillers and I love horror movies. I like psychological thrillers (but that is for another post), horror (both supernatural and slasher), and any other kind of … Continue reading

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Goodbye Robin

I was going to write a different post today, but as I was up in our room, trying to get something out, my husband texted me… ROY: Robin Williams died ME: What???? ROY: He committed suicide It was just so … Continue reading

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Book Versus The Movie

I think a lot of people have heard of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Maybe some people have seen the popular film (1997) or read the book the film was loosely based on (1973). The premise is chilling: … Continue reading

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