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A Call To Speak

Last Friday the end of the world began – or at least it seemed that way to many. I’ve found two primary groups of people who do not see it this way: the Pollyannas and Trump Supporters. To the people … Continue reading

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When Did The Literary Community Become A Trump Rally/Hate Fest?

A few weeks ago while on vacation in Florida I checked my Facebook and saw my feed all atwitter. Antioch College published a piece by Daniel Harris in their winter issue – and it made people angry. Why? Because it … Continue reading

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Negative Exposure: When You’re Pinned As Something That You’re Not While The Hits Are Coming In

Last Thursday my blog exploded in terms of views. Seriously, despite my open letters to AWP and ReSound getting a ton of hits, or my commentary on the whole female nude photo leak or even my travel post about the Winchester … Continue reading

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Will The Real Caitlyn Jenner Please Shut Up

I’m not sure if I’m going to make a lot of people hate me, or gain some new fans, but when Caitlyn Jenner comes up you always get one or the other, or several of both. I for one am … Continue reading

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Here Comes Cable!

I can’t remember the last time that I had cable. It has been at least five years, if not six years, since I last had any kind of cable where I lived. When I lived with roommates we all agreed … Continue reading

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