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Voice. It is one of the single most important things anyone can have. It doesn’t have to be verbal, it can be written, verbal or signed. A person’s voice is as individual to them as their fingerprint. You can recognize … Continue reading

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The Relationship Notebook

You know how sometimes it’s the small things that mean the world? Well, in some ways a notebook has been the best thing to happen in my marriage for awhile, but let me back up a bit. My husband and … Continue reading

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The Quiz Every Person In A Relationship Should Take!

Recently my husband and I were encouraged to take a Love Languages quiz, or really THE love language quiz. At that point neither of us had head of love languages, even though it’s not really a new concept (or a … Continue reading

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Am I Ready For This?

Every now and then, a person finds themselves on the edge of something huge. And because they’re not stupid or short-sighted they understand that once they cross that line – there is no going back. It’s like opening a can … Continue reading

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My Family, My People

Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of close friends. I had a few, but trying to survive my childhood between abusive parents and life threatening medical conditions were both full-time jobs. I didn’t have the time, or perhaps I … Continue reading

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