Another Year of Pumpkin Patches, Omaha Visits and Halloween

Every year, my husband and I have a good time getting ready for Halloween. Our neighborhood has a lot of kids, who seem to bring their friends because we get A LOT of trick-or-treating traffic. So we carve a few pumpkins, have a few spooky decorations (but not too scary for the littler kids) and buy a lot of candy. Last year we even dressed up! We also have made it a tradition the past few years to go to Omaha and go to the local pumpkin patch with my family.

This year we kind of fell behind. We still went to Omaha and it was a lot of fun. We got to see people, eat at our favorite places and of course go to the pumpkin patch. I also threw my husband a surprise 40th birthday dinner with all of our friends and family in Omaha. Because we were going to get pumpkins we didn’t fly this time – we drove. Which was okay since we love our new car and it makes driving and riding shotgun so much more enjoyable (and having working heat doesn’t hurt either! 😛 ).

We had a good time at the pumpkin patch, but there’s not a lot to say there because it was much of the same. Though this year my husband finally got to try their chicken pot pie, and we also got some apple cider donuts. (We planned to meet up with my family to share them, so we got eight but ended up eating seven ourselves before we saw them, because they were AMAZING. We waited in line forever, but they were worth it.) Usually when we pick out pumpkins, we have to wander around a bit. Last year we went earlier in the year, and this was still the case. But this year, shockingly, we found the perfect pumpkins in under five minutes – like they were right there along the edge of the patch. It felt weird not looking and walking around, but these pumpkins were big, round, no blemishes – in a word, perfect. Why mess with perfection?

The pumpkin patch aside however, I think the best highlight for me other than visiting my grandmother, was my husband’s surprise dinner. He had no idea and everyone showed up and have him cards/gifts and it was just a nice time. It’s nice to get everyone together, not just because it’s efficient but because it just creates a larger atmosphere of joy and celebration. He had a great time and I think he appreciated the surprise party. It was a few weeks early, but most of our friends in Colorado have moved, and I wanted a chance to celebrate him with others, not just one on one (though there will be that on his actual birthday).

Every time we go to Omaha, I always wish we had more time. There isn’t a lot to do, but I love seeing our friends and family, and don’t see enough of them. It’s hard to say goodbye, knowing it will be another several months. So that was the only downside to this trip. It was one of the least stressful, most restful trips we’ve done, and we had a lot of downtime to chill rather than try to cram a bunch of things in, which was nice.

But all of our traveling (we did Yellowstone the last week of September and went on another trip the second week of October, and then Nebraska) has left us totally behind. We have all of these wonderful Halloween decorations and we haven’t put them up, and with only two days before Halloween – why bother? I think we still plan to carve the two pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch, but we both are tired and kind or rundown from all the travel, so we’ll see. We haven’t even bought candy yet! And as for dressing up, I’m not going to this year and my husband is but his costume is comprised of a t-shirt and hat, so it’s like quasi dressing up.

I feel kind of bad, not going all out this year, but I know we had good reason. And besides, I’m not sure how much kids actually care about pumpkins and decorations as long as they score on the candy front. And we’ll definitely pick some of that up later today.

I can’t believe it’s already Halloween. It’s like, where did the month go? It went traveling is what it did. And we had some great times, so it was worth it. There is always next year to really get into Halloween. I even know what I’m going to dress up as next year! 😉

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe, and get plenty of candy. 🙂


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