Corn Maze!

Every fall, there are people are getting in the mood to be scared, putting up creepy decorations, looking for costumes or splurging on candy; most people have a favorite Halloween tradition. And let’s face it, many people start “getting ready” before October gets here. For me, my favorite thing about fall is less about Halloween and more about it actually being fall: corn mazes. Seriously, I cannot get enough of them!

Maybe it’s from growing up in Nebraska, which I think at least ties (if not flat out wins) for Corn Capital of the U.S. Maybe it’s because I love mazes, like remember those puzzle books as a kid – yeah I loved that. I also decided if I ever won the lottery, I would have a hedge maze like they have in the movies because I love mazes so much. In fact, the “corn” aspect isn’t really relevant. But it’s not like there are tons of hedge mazes spanning over several acres to check out. 😛

Every year I have to do at least one corn maze. Sometimes it’s when we visit Nebraska for Halloween. And sometimes it’s here. In 2015, we did a corn maze in Colorado. It was massive and had overlooks (and I want to go again this year!). At the time we were with our niece and nephew who were four, so we didn’t get to really try to find our way out as much as follow curious kids around, enjoying the time with them and also making sure we didn’t actually get lost (because they’d tire much faster than we would by ourselves!).

Last year we went to one in Omaha. This year, there was actually a huge one by our house – less than ten minutes away! So you know, we had to check it out. (My husband is great at indulging me.) This maze was different than any other maze I’ve done because they had trivia checkpoints. It was quite the operation (and quite possibly, the best maintained maze I’ve ever walked through). They had an online game/app and while you went through the maze there were ten checkpoints. You had over forty categories of trivia to choose from (I went with Popular TV shows while the husband went with general trivia). At each checkpoint we entered a code and were presented with a question with two possible answers, one answer was always “left” and the other “right”.

I had a ball with this, but I realized there was also a downside. The maze was huge (dozens of acres) and should have taken a chunk of time to get through. It’s not that I love being lost, but I do like the challenge of trying to find my way out. But with the trivia we had successfully completed it in under thirty minutes. So depending on your stance on time spent in a maze, and how much you like mazes, this is either a blessing or a curse. I even joked to my husband that next year we both should choose trivia categories that were completely foreign to us. It would spice things up a bit!

I’m glad that we got to do a corn maze early this year, before they became too trampled. And I love trying out new ones. A good corn maze is my favorite fall tradition hands down. Anything that is both mentally and physically challenging at the same time – sign me up. Maybe that is the real reason I love them so much. I’m already looking forward to next year’s corn maze experience, and who knows, maybe we will try to go through another one this year before the season is over. Never say never! 😉



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