Collecting Guilty Pleasures

Anyone who knows me knows I have a reading problem. Or more accurately, the problem is I don’t have enough time to read everything I want to. And I don’t just want to read “the good stuff” but the stuff I loved growing up – even though I see just how awful the writing is now. Or if the writing doesn’t suck, it’s just so juvenile that it’s embarrassing. I call these my “guilty pleasure” books.

I have a bunch of series in my guilty pleasure wheelhouse. The ones that took the spotlight were Fear Street and Sweet Valley High, and once I collected all of the books in those series, I went on to collection Sweet Valley Junior High, Sweet Valley Senior Year, Sweet Valley University and Elizabeth. Having finished those I am collecting Christopher Pike books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels/books, Angel novels/books, Sweet Valley Twins and Friends (sixth grade), and my first love and what got me hooked on reading, The Boxcar Children.

If that sounds like a ridiculous amount of books, you’re not wrong. I have collected (in good to like new condition) 468 guilty pleasure books from the series I have completely finished. The series I’m now working to complete would total 531 books, and out of those I have collected 442 of them (and counting, I have about ten on the way, but until I see there condition or receive I don’t count them).

Having over 910 guilty pleasure books already is kind of ridiculous. Planning collecting 89 more is more ridiculous. And that’s in addition to all of the nonfiction, reference and adult books I have (which in my office go wall to wall). I need bookcases, and perhaps an intervention. Especially because rather than seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or feeling I’m almost there, I’m adding new series to collect. Seriously, somebody stop me!

For that reason, I am going to take a break from eBay among other things. Because I see all these deals, and my guilty pleasure books are all out of print, which means they can be hard to find, but I have to tell myself in a year there will be new deals. I don’t have to collect everything now, I can actually focus on reading and writing and less on collecting – at least until Christmas! 😉

I get such a high from saving money, and another high from scoring these hard-to-find books and since purchasing them I’ve read over 230 of them, but 230 out of 910+ is still a minority. So I’m going to try to shift my focus and that panicked voice in my head saying, “What if you can’t find them in three months?!” and just focus on reading more.

Still, I love books and want to have them all. My dream home would have a library bigger than the master bedroom. Hey, I don’t call myself a bookaholic for nothing! 😛


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