Valentine’s Day 2017: A Continuing Love Letter

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but my husband, Roy, and I are still celebrating!

As per usual, we each staked out our days. Roy and I always do a special meal, and an activity.

Roy went first, choosing the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. He took me to an incredible seafood place called Ocean Prime in downtown Denver. I knew we were going somewhere special because Roy wanted to make sure I was dressed up. He even asked me to wear the rose gold/diamond infinity necklace he got me as a wedding gift. (It has a very special story attached, but besides that the infinity symbol is special to us and I love rose gold, so it is one of my favorite things to wear, but it’s not like a diamond necklace is appropriate everyday jewelry, so I don’t wear it nearly as often as I wish I could.)

My Infinity Necklace from Roy.

Infinity Necklace from Roy.

The restaurant had a grand staircase with a red carpet (I’m serious!) and was the definition of fancy. I’m not usually a fancy person, to be honest I typically scoff as such things and call them fru-fru, but it’s nice to get dressed up every now and then. Plus this fancy place also seemed like the place to go for seafood, which is my favorite and a special treat since Roy hates any food that comes from the sea (or rivers, lakes, and streams – you get the idea).

Dinner was amazing – the food definitely matched the décor and the service – all being exceptional. Even my drink was special – they used dry ice and it was literally smoking for about fifteen minutes (and it tasted great too).

Roy has an activity planned (we haven’t done it yet) though I’m obviously lacking on the details, but I can’t wait!

I chose Valentine’s Day itself for my dinner. I usually don’t do the day of but there was this Italian place we tried that Roy fell in love with, and I thought it would be special to go there on the actual day because they were having a special menu. I’m glad I did because dinner was amazing and they did not disappoint! It was so romantic and we just had a wonderful time.

When we got home, it was time for cards and gifts. Roy got me two books and a sweet mug set that I can’t wait to use. (Why haven’t I used them yet, Roy? Did we wash them?) He also got me two things of Godiva truffles, which was perfect because I love chocolate but Godiva is certainly up there in terms of “better chocolate”. 😉

When it was my turn, I made Roy go away while so I could set everything up. (Yeah, there was a lot to set up.) I’m not sure what it is about Valentine’s Day, or maybe it’s just the time of year, because I’m just as bad for Easter and May Day, but I tend to go all out. Or as my husband would say – overboard. This year was no exception. I got him loads of candy, two mugs with adorable stuffed animals inside, a wooden rose (and a chocolate one!) some Trolls Pez dispensers, a stuffed blue unicorn (because I often remark my husband is a unicorn, because he’s that special and rare), a stuffed purple (our wedding color scheme) dog from our doggy-daughter Angel, a Snoopy (because Roy loves all things Peanuts), and two cards (one from the fur babies, and one from me) and two gifts (a book on all of the cats of the world, and the movie Trolls).

The thing was, even though I had this wonderful spread I kept forgetting gifts because I hid everything in my office in case he went in there, forgetting he was supposed to stay out, and well I’m a good hider. 😛 So later on I gave him a poem I wrote for him as well as a life-sized (oh yeah…) Valentine’s Day bear because, have I mentioned, I go ALL OUT! I mean full on cheesy, too much, dial it back please – all out. And I don’t say this like I should get an award, as much as my husband should get an award for putting up with my corny, sappy cheesiness. I still want to get him a coffee grinder for his last gift, but he hasn’t picked out the one he wants yet so that will be something he gets – hopefully before our anniversary in June. 😛

For our activity I took him to see the movie Split (though we did that on the following Saturday), which while not romantic was something we both wanted to see, and it was a great movie.

The next day was even more special – even though it wasn’t a part of our Valentine’s Day festivities. Roy planned a special day for me for no reason at all. He made me a special dinner (my favorite dish from P.F. Changs that they got rid of three or four years ago, and it seriously tasted just like it) followed by dessert and just hanging out and exploring downtown. It was the perfect end to the perfect weekend, and it meant so much to me. I told Roy I wish I could put that day on repeat – I’d be in Heaven.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! We sure did, and it’s not even over yet! 😉 heart


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