A Month of Love: A Celebration!

A little while ago, I was planning my blog posts for the next few months. I always write posts ahead of time, ideally four to six weeks out and then of course currents events or things may bump my reserve but the idea is I never feel weighed down by blogging and it never gets in the way of: real life, my health, my actual job, writing, etc.

When I thought about February, of course my mind went to Valentine’s Day, immediately. It’s such a greeting card holiday and can really suck or be irritating if you’re single, recently broken up, or just not into all things mushy. Valentine’s Day never really bothered me though, because I just looked at it as a day of love and didn’t limit it to romantic love. Friends, family, neighbors, my pets – all of the people and things that mattered to me – here was a day to celebrate them. So I’ve always been big on Valentine’s Day and this year will be no different. But this year I thought – why not spread it around?

So February is going to be one big loving celebration of the people and things I appreciate. Really it’s a celebration more than shout-outs because I feel in the coming days, it will be harder and harder to celebrate and easier to lose sight of the things and people who are already there that should be celebrated. Don’t get me wrong, I may write about a current event or something I just can’t not write about, but truthfully I’m going to try my best to keep this blog, for the month of February, all about love. Any political or current event pieces that I end up writing I’ll try to submit to other outlets and then simply repost here.

I want this month to be a light at a time when I see most of the world through gloomy-tinted lenses. I want to hold onto the things and people I love and share that love – maybe putting that out into the universe will combat some of the truly awful ickiness we’re chest deep in already.

So here is to a month of celebration and love – you’ve been warned! 😉


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