Happy Birthday to My Husband: BBQ, Trolls and Coconut Cake

Last Friday was my husband’s, Roy’s, birthday. Every year I go all out (or at least I try to) with surprise birthday parties, home-cooked meals, cakes from scratch, but this year I kind of felt the need to do something low-key, but equally special.

Lucky for me, it isn’t hard to figure out what Roy likes. I decided to break it down (in Excel, of course) in terms of what I wanted to do for him. There is a barbecue (Roy’s favorite kind of food) place about ten minutes from where he works. It’s been on my list of potential date restaurants for him for awhile, but when he mentioned he wanted to try it a few weeks ago, I knew that was the place to go. For an activity, I kept it simple with a movie, and I knew just the movie for us to see: Trolls. Yes, Trolls!

I am usually the one who likes kiddie movies, but Trolls was just a little too kiddie for me. But ever since Roy saw the first trailer a few months ago, he’s said he wanted to go see it. At first I thought he was messing with me, but when went to see Boo! A Madea Halloween, Roy saw the trailer and again said he wanted to see it.

“Are you serious?” I asked. He said he was. I was surprised, but also thought it was a cute, light movie – perfect for a birthday if he actually wanted to see it. And it came out on his actual birthday, so it was like a sign… (Roy is all about signs, me not so much, but it’s his birthday. 😛 )

On Roy’s actual birthday, we didn’t really do anything, because he worked. I mean I wrote him a sweet note and taped his favorite candy to that note, but otherwise it was just an easy night in, with leftovers for dinner (which was his choice, he was tired).

Saturday was when we celebrated. We went to the barbecue place for dinner and we were both really impressed (and maybe even a little surprised) with how good everything was – the ribs were possibly the best we’ve had in Colorado. It was that good! Then we went to see Trolls, which was a really cute movie. Sweet, funny and something kids will totally eat up. (See my full review, here.)

On Sunday, it was cake time. I had decided I wanted to make Roy a coconut cake because he loves coconut so much. In the past, I’ve done Maple Bacon and Espresso cakes, but I’ve never made him any coconut desserts before. I HATE (yes, I really needed all caps there, I hate it that much) coconut, so this cake was going to be all him. I took an Ina Gartin recipe and didn’t really doctor it because Roy loves Ina Gartin (she knows her way around the kitchen!). Everything was from scratch and the cake batter was so good before I had to add the sweetened shredded coconut to it – after that I didn’t dare try another bite. The cream cheese frosting also had six ounces of shredded coconut in it, so I wasn’t going near that either. But apparently the cake was a big success – Roy had two pieces! 🙂


The festivities aren’t over yet either. I have a few more things in store for Roy (inset evil cackle here) and of course – presents! (This is the only difficult thing with him; he always says he doesn’t want anything so it takes a lot of creative thought, searching and work to find something for him. I have to nag him nonstop for three months to get a Christmas list from him to give to other family members; I am so close to just telling people, “Just give him cash!” 😛 )

I think he had a good birthday, I mean he says he did but you still worry a bit (if you’re me). I wanted to make it super special but it’s the first year I’ve tried on the philosophy of “less is more”. It was nice, less sneaking around and less stress. But still fun, and made Roy happy, which is important to me. (I feel anti-feminist saying that, but seriously making him happy is one of my top priorities and what makes me feel the best when I do.)

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again:

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, compassionate, good-natured… (this list gets long and will induce many eye rolls, so I have omitted 90% of the adjectives I have to describe you) handsome, hardworking, AMAZING man I know. I love your sappy “Laffy Taffy” sense of humor. I love how you can see the beauty and good in almost anything. I love how you never seem to worry. I love that you are so very different from me – bringing so much value to our partnership that I never would be able to. I feel lucky that you chose me, and often have to figure out what is wrong with you for doing so. I am grateful to grow old with you, and be your partner – us against the world. You are a much better person than I could ever hope to be, and for some reason you decided to stick around. Here is to another wonderful year. I really do feel like this next year is going to be full of great things for you. And you deserve all of them, and more. Love you the most, infinity plus one, no take-backs – I always win! XOXO


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