Yard Cemeteries, Costumes, and More: Halloween 2016 Is Going To Be Our Best Yet!

When I was younger, I was really into Halloween. I loved playing dress up and it was one of the few days I actually got to be a kid. I haven’t had a reason to celebrate for eighteen years, and so I haven’t. I mean, yes my husband and I put up a few door decorations and enjoy giving out hundreds of pieces of candy every year. (Yes, hundreds. We get between 150-250 kids per year; I’ve counted. Even though we have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, a lot of them seem to have their friends come to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat, you know how it was, you go to the “good” neighborhoods for candy, and I guess we’re a “good neighborhood”. 😉 ) But beyond this we don’t’ really do much. We have never put out pumpkins (or carved them) or dressed up. This year however, all of that has changed.

Last weekend we went out and spent too much money on Halloween decorations for our yard. We’ve wanted to turn the front into a cemetery, but haven’t had much luck finding the right stuff. This year we made a point to really look. After going to three stores, we got thirteen tombstones (including some that light up), a scarecrow to sit out among the tombstones (also lights up) and a lot of skulls, bones, spiders, rats, a raven and an owl. (We also got over 600 pieces of candy, obviously.)


Our Yard decorated as a cemetery ready for Trick-or-Treaters!

I didn’t really think about dressing up, but Roy (the husband) had to for work, because his branch is into Halloween and were doing a theme: X-Men. If I was going to wear a costume (I toy with the idea every year, just never go through with it) I wanted to be a phoenix – as in the mythical bird and my “official” mascot. But when Roy told me he was going to be Magneto, I decided to get a bit more literal and dress up as Phoenix from the X-Men, and of course I decided on Dark Phoenix over the sane, good being of light version. Baddies just have more fun.


I was worried about finding a costume, but I did and it actually fits! I mean the fit looks like it fits well, but the cat suit was made for someone with super short legs (I’m three fourths legs) so it is interesting and tight, but it works and looks good. I also got a wig so I could have wild, long red hair. (Roy didn’t get this since I already have the long-ish wavy red hair, but I wanted something longer and also not my every day, real hair.) I thought about doing makeup too, but I don’t wear makeup and couldn’t figure out what to do. I kind of wanted it to look like my body was going to erupt in flames but didn’t know how that translated to makeup. I figured maybe a smoky eye, but I have no idea how to apply it, and don’t trust my husband to do it either. (I would know more than him about makeup, and I know nothing!) I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in nearly two decades, and I forgot about how much fun it is!


Of course, when you make plans the universe laughs. Roy’s costume was lost and he still doesn’t have it, so he found a last-minute Wolverine costume – it’s better than nothing. And then, even though our yard decorations had lasted for almost a week, gusts of wind on Saturday robbed us of ALL of our tombstones. We spent nearly an hour tracking them down and still came up one short. 😦 Just how far were they carried off to… some were only three houses away and others more than a block!

But you just have to laugh about it (and get stronger anchors and use some superglue when you put them back out). We also decided to get a blowup (our first!) after I saw it last week at Target and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now our yard is redecorated the day before Halloween and I love how everything looks!

And what is a tricked out yard without good old fashioned jack-o-laterns? Earlier this month when we went to Omaha we got four pumpkins and we’re actually carving them! There is one for each of us (Roy, me, our dog, Angel, and the demon squatter also known as our cat, Moxy). We picked out designs, but were really worried about it. Or more accurately, I worried while Roy thought it would be easier than he realized it would be. But when all was said and done, they turned out much better than I thought they would, and I hope my perfectionist of a husband is happy with them too. Roy did all of the carving because that’s just not in my skill set and my hands give me problems. Roy picked out his own pumpkin design while I picked mine (the fires of hell dance on mine 😉 ). We did a Chihuahua face for Angel and a witch cat for Moxy. I am so excited to actually put them up tonight – they look awesome!

Maybe all of this seems silly. We’re two grown adults without kids and we’re not going to any parties because who would hand out candy? But there is something about doing things, dressing up (and dressing up your yard) that really puts one in the spirit of the holiday.

I am so excited for tonight – it is going to be the best Halloween ever!


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! pumpkin-face-emoticon

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