Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 (Part 3) Love Triangles, Broken Hearts and Drunk Drivers

In this blog is a very special moment in Sweet Valley High history – when Elizabeth forsakes the man she should be with (Jeffrey French) for the man who is no good for her (Todd Wilkins). In the first two books/episodes they have two different love triangles. Of course, after that nonsense there is a drunk driver and a star football player going blind (as in he actually loses his sight). Are you ready? 😛

The Perfect Size Six (Continued)

love_triangleEpisode 68 – “Brokenhearted”: Todd Wilkins, Elizabeth Wakefield’s first love, moved to Vermont, ending their wonderful relationship. Then Elizabeth met Jeffrey French, her current beau, who she is very much in love with. But now Todd is moving back! As soon as Liz finds out she is torn. Todd makes it clear he wants to be with her and he never stopped loving her, but Elizabeth is with Jeffrey and cares about him deeply. When Todd first gets back it is awkward, but he tells Elizabeth he understands she is with Jeffrey and that she is worth waiting for. But Todd’s life is very different than when he used to live in Sweet Valley. His father is the president of a major corporation so he is rich and living in a huge mansion. He is also attending a rich private school outside of Sweet Valley. Jeffrey doesn’t pressure Elizabeth for an answer, but he is hurt by how obvious Elizabeth is about still loving Todd. Todd takes Elizabeth and Jessica on a tour of his new school. Jessica loves it and instantly latches onto one of Todd’s wealthy classmates, Sheffield Eastman. They meet Courtney, who Todd has been spending a lot of time with because their fathers work together and Elizabeth realizes she is jealous and uncomfortable. When Todd drops them off, Todd tells Elizabeth he is having a party and would like her to come and they almost kiss, but Liz pulls away at the last minute – she’s still with Jeffrey. Courtney feeds a bunch of lies to Lila about how Todd asked her to be his date to his party, basically his co-host, knowing that Lila will tell Elizabeth. Elizabeth hopes it is just a rumor and begins to realize she isn’t as confused as she thought she was and her heart still belongs to Todd the most. Courtney tells Sheffield that Elizabeth and Jeffrey are super serious and that Jeffrey just bought Liz a ring, knowing he’ll give Todd a heads up. Todd is surprised and disappointed, but knows he shouldn’t push Elizabeth and asks Courtney to be his date to his party. At the party, Jeffrey sees Courtney slip a note into Liz’s jacket and decides to follow her. She fakes a headache and asks Todd to show her to the gazebo so she can lie down. Once they get there, Courtney kisses Todd passionately, surprising him. Elizabeth gets the note, which claims to be from Todd and asks her to go to the gazebo to talk. She sees Courtney and Todd kissing and is devastated. She runs away and leaves the party, driving aimlessly until she arrives at her and Todd’s old special spot at Secca Lake. Jeffrey puts everything together once he sees the note Elizabeth dropped and even though he knows that it will mean he will lose Elizabeth, he tells Todd what Courtney did. At Secca Lake, Elizabeth realizes she hasn’t been fair to Jeffrey and that she has to break up with him, even though Todd has fallen for Courtney. Back at the party, Sheffield announces that his senior project will involve working at and living in a homeless shelter in hopes of figuring out the best way to help those less fortunate than him. Jessica dumps him and almost pushes him in Todd’s pool. Back at Secca Lake, Elizabeth heads back to her car, when suddenly Todd appears and they embrace and kiss passionately. Todd tells Elizabeth everything Jeffrey told him and how Courtney tried to keep them apart, but it didn’t work and they decide to start over again.

Episode 69 – “In Love Again”: Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins are back together and there are already problems. Todd attends Lovett Academy, which makes it difficult for Elizabeth and Todd to see each other every day. At first they both blow off their other commitments – Elizabeth blows off the newspaper and her homework several times and Todd skips basketball practice. But they both realize at the same time that it isn’t working and resign themselves to only seeing each other every evening. Jessica Wakefield decides she is going to attend Lovett Academy because she wants to be around wealthy and sophisticated people, namely the boys. No one takes her seriously, but she obtains all of the admissions materials, studies for the entrance exams and has an interview with an admissions official at the school, with her parents’ blessing. Todd takes Elizabeth to a party at some country club that a bunch of students from Lovett are attending. Elizabeth has a miserable time and realizes how snobby most of the kids are, being downright rude and mean to anyone who isn’t rich. There is going to be a mini-olympics competition between ten high schools in the area, which is being hosted by a local television station. Courtney Kane is still pissed that Todd chose Elizabeth over her, and since her father owns the television station she is determined that not only Lovett Academy will win, but that this is her chance to humiliate Elizabeth. Elizabeth signs up to compete and her event is the relay race. Elizabeth’s ex Jeffrey French is also on the team. Elizabeth feels awkward about it even though Jeffrey is very friendly to her despite the breakup. Todd is also participating in the relay race and feels weird about being in direct competition with Elizabeth. He half jokes that Elizabeth should drop out so they won’t compete against each other, but his comment upsets Elizabeth. Because Elizabeth gets upset. Todd gets even more upset because he should matter more to her than anything else. They fight and break up. The mini-olympics take place and Sweet Valley High and Lovett Academy are the two finalists. The two schools are going to face off to name a champion and Courtney decides to cheat because her father won’t fix the competition. She steals the questions and answers to the College Bowl competition and communicates with her school’s team, giving them an unfair lead, but Sweet Valley High hung in there until the final competition: the relay race. Jessica sees Courtney cheating but decides to keep quiet because she is still planning on attending Lovett. Courtney helps set up the obstacle course and finds a rotted rope and uses it for Sweet Valley’s rope in the final event of the course, knowing Elizabeth will be climbing it. Sweet Valley is in the lead and Elizabeth starts to climb her rope with Todd almost to his rope. The rope snaps and Elizabeth falls and is hurt. Todd stops climbing and rushes to her side. Courtney is pissed that Lovett doesn’t automatically win. Officials decide on a tiebreaker event: a tug of war. Jessica substitutes for Elizabeth since she was injured, and Jessica is sure Courtney had something to do with the rope, so she is determined on winning. Todd stays with Elizabeth and right as it looks like Lovett is going to win Todd shouts his support for Sweet Valley High and they win the tug of war – they’re the champions. Todd talks with his parents and they decide to let him transfer back to Sweet Valley High. Jessica decides she doesn’t want to attend Lovett after what Courtney pulled and realizes they’re all a bunch of snobs. Todd and Elizabeth are back together, and attending the same school again.

Episode 70 – “That Fatal Night”: Sweet Valley High’s football team is only three games away from an undefeated season, thanks to the star quarterback Ken Matthews. Amy Sutton wants Ken Matthews to be her boyfriend so she throws a big party at her house after he wins another game, to celebrate his victory. When he gets there Amy throws her arms around him and kisses him passionately without warning in front of everyone. Ken is irritated because it’s like she is trying to claim him. He wants to get away and so he offers to give Winston Egbert and Maria Santenelli a ride home when they’re getting ready to leave and take the bus. Terri Adams has been in love with Ken Matthews since forever, but he barely knows she exists and when he does notice her all they talk about is football, because unlike most girls Terri loves football, and is the team’s statistician. Terri was already planning to leave with Winston and is pleased when she finds out Ken is going to be driving her home, but Amy is pissed and lets Terri know it. Ken drops Winston and Maria off first, and then takes Terri home. By the time they arrive, however, it is really storming out and Terri suggests Ken wait out the storm, but he is anxious to get back to the party to say his goodbyes and get home. A few blocks from Amy’s house a drunk driver is headed right for him and Ken swerves to avoid a collision and crashes into a tree. Todd Wilkins, and Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield leave Amy’s party and come across the accident. They get all the information the cops are willing to give them and go back to Amy’s party to break the news to everyone. The next day, Amy and Jessica go to visit Ken, but Amy chickens out at the last minute and wants Jessica to go for her. They see Ken’s parents and find out he isn’t allowed any visitors yet, but that he is going to live, but some things are still unknown. A few days later, when the doctor removes all of Ken’s bandages they discover that Ken is blind. The doctor tells him his sight might come back, but that it is unlikely. Elizabeth and Jessica visit him and Ken admits he is blind when they want him to read a card they brought from the entire school. Jessica gets them all some sodas and on the way back to Ken’s room sees Amy. She tells Amy and Amy freaks out, tells Jessica not to tell Ken she was there, and runs away. For the next month Ken is at a special rehabilitation center to help him adjust to being blind. Amy corners Terri at school and blames Terri for Ken being blind in front of a large crowd of people; it was all her fault Ken took her home. Terri cries, but Elizabeth tells her Amy is nuts and they decide to visit Ken. When they do Terri goes in alone, apologizes to Ken and admits she feels guilty, but Ken tells her not to. When Ken returns to Sweet Valley High, he is a little angry and bitter, but tries his best not to take it out on anyone. Amy has moved on to Ken’s replacement on the football team, but just ignores him instead of being straight with him. The twins throw a surprise “Welcome Back!” party for Ken, but a lot of his friends don’t attend. Most people pretend nothing happened to Ken or feel so uncomfortable they avoid him. Only Terri treats him like she always did. Terri goes out of her way to try to help Ken find the joy in his new circumstances and takes him to her secret beach and they run and just act normal. Ken starts to feel a strong affection for Terri but convinces himself that no girl would ever want to date a blind guy. He tries to distance himself from Terri, but he actually just acts like a creep. Terri finally tells Ken she can’t keep doing everything for him, because that isn’t fair to him and his potential independence. She also asks him why is being so mean to her. Ken tells her to get lost. Before she leaves, Terri tells him she was only trying to help him because she loves him. Ken realizes she never felt sorry for him, and genuinely cared just as he realizes he can no longer deny that he is in love with her. He goes to their secret beach, but turns down his dad’s offer of a ride, as well as a friend’s. He needs to do this on his own. He takes the bus, gets to the beach and finds Terri there. She runs into his arms and Ken holds her tightly. He apologizes and tells her he loves her too, and that’s why he was being so weird. They kiss and then watch the sunset. Ken notices that he can see some sort of brightness and then it’s gone. Terri tells him the sun just set, and the brightness he saw was the sun. His sight is starting to come back, but Ken tells her even if it doesn’t, as long as he has her he’s happy.

SVH S4 D1                            SVH S4 D

How in the world could Elizabeth dump Jeffrey French for Todd Wilkins? It’s the biggest mistake of her life, but I wonder when she’ll actually realize that. The next post is longer, but features the BEST episode/book of the season and possibly the best Sweet Valley High book to date so far. Don’t miss it!


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