Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 (Part 2) Deserted Islands and Mad Bombers

I hope you’re ready for a bad rip off of Gilligan’s Island when Jessica is lost at sea! Also in this post, someone has the hots for teacher and gets a little stalker-ish. And my favorite twin, Elizabeth Wakefield, is in serious danger when an escaped mental patient who is an evil genius and likes to blow things up sets his sights on Liz, thinking she is the girl who hurt him long ago. Things are about to get real, and other things are about to blow up!

The Perfect Size Six (Continued)

Episode 65 – “Lost At Sea”: Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are among a group of students who are sailing to Anacapa Island for an official science field trip, headed by Sweet Valley High’s chemistry teacher, Mr. Russo. Jessica, like a few others have to go because it’s the only way they’ll be able to pass chemistry. While Elizabeth and her best friend, Enid Rollins, just want to go because they’re academics. Jessica tries to make the best of it by setting her sites on Ken Matthews, but she ends up being paired with class clown Winston Egbert instead. Winston plays pranks on her the entire time and Jessica can’t wait for the trip to be over. On the way back to the mainland, there is a sudden and intense storm and their charter boat begins to sink so everyone abandons ship. Winston and Jessica’s lifeboat capsizes when Winston tries to give Elizabeth and her buddy, Aaron Dallas, their extra oar. When the storm is over and everyone is rescued by the Coast Guard, there is no sign of Jessica or Winston anywhere. But someone finds Jessica’s life jacket – empty. The Coast Guard searches the rest of the day and into the night with no luck. Meanwhile, Jessica swims in the storm until she reaches a deserted island. The next day she wakes up and finds Winston who ended up getting back in the lifeboat and makes it to the island, but loses the lifeboat because he’s Winston. They make a temporary shelter and find food: fish and fresh fruit. They’re mostly getting along. Elizabeth and her friends try their own search effort, but another sudden storm cuts their trip short. Back on the island, Jessica and Winston encounter a bear while they are foraging, but luckily the same storm that made Elizabeth turn back, discourages the bear who runs off to find its own shelter. Later that night, a Coast Guard helicopter finds Jessica and Winston and rescue them. They return safely to Sweet Valley and are reunited with their worried family and friends.

Lost At Sea 3

Episode 66 – “Teacher Crush”: Sweet Valley High is participating in “mini-courses” which is a selection of extra-curricular courses for students that allows them to get a taste for a career in that field. Everyone is excited about them, especially because it means every other class will be five minutes shorter to allow for time for these new two-week courses. Jessica Wakefield puts “Electronics” as one of her choices because she wants to be in a class full of boys, where she will be the only girl. But she isn’t very happy when that’s what she ends up with and all of the boys are nerds. Olivia Davidson, Enid Rollins and Elizabeth Wakefield all end up with “Painting,” and they couldn’t be happier. Their teacher, Stuart Bachman, is super hot. But Olivia, who has been down about being single for awhile, doesn’t just think he’s hot – she’s in love! Stuart pays special attention to Olivia because she has an amazing talent, but she takes his attention as romantic, when it isn’t. She stakes out his apartment and even “drops by.” At school she is always helping him clean up or prepare for class and monopolizes his time. Elizabeth and Enid are soon worried that Olivia is in over her head. Stuart has no idea how Olivia really feels so he keeps dishing out the praise and attention. He asks for Olivia’s opinion on a picture frame and some earrings, and Olivia thinks he is going to surprise her for her birthday, which falls on the final day of mini-courses. On the last day of mini-courses there is a sort of fair so students can show off what they have been working on the last two weeks. Jessica has gotten her nerdy lab partner to build a lie detector (she takes credit) and she makes Lila try it. Jessica asks Lila if Lila’s father is really dating this soap opera star because Jessica is super jealous and thinks it’s just a bunch of lies. But it turns out Lila has been telling the truth. Lila thanks Jessica for not ratting her out for wearing Jessica’s dress and pretending she created it in her own mini-course after the dress she made wasn’t even salvageable. Lila promises to let Jessica in on a big secret since she did. Meanwhile, Stuart has asked Olivia to come to an opening that is featuring Stuart’s art and when Olivia gets there she is in for a big surprise. It turns out the earrings and picture frame were a birthday surprise for his girlfriend, Monica, who is at the opening too. Olivia is mortified and feels terrible. She realizes Stuart was never into her like that. But Stuart shows Olivia her surprise, her painting from the mini-courses is also on display in the student section – and people are raving about it. Olivia feels a little better and goes home when she is surprised by her parents and friends, who have put together a surprise party for her. Stuart and Monica even show up. At the party Lila’s big secret is revealed when she corners Elizabeth and tells her that her ex-boyfriend, Todd Wilkins, is moving back to Sweet Valley. What does that mean for Sweet Valley High’s favorite couple, Elizabeth Wakefield and Jeffrey French, now?

Episode 67 – “Deadly Summer”: It’s the summer again, and Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are working as interns at The Sweet Valley News, while Lila Fowler just got back from Europe. Lila and Jessica become obsessed with the Ouija board that Lila bought on her trip. Elizabeth teases them good-naturedly about believing in that and Lila convinces Jessica to get back at Liz by making her believe in the Ouija board. Jessica reads a bunch of Elizabeth’s private letters from her boyfriend Jeffrey French who is away at summer camp (he is a counselor there). After convincing Elizabeth to give it a try and having it predict things in the letters, Elizabeth begins to wonder. Then Lila has the inside scoop that a big concert is going to be postponed by a week, and when that comes true, Elizabeth wavers even more. Then Jessica hides Elizabeth’s journal and when the Ouija board finds it, Elizabeth is hooked even though she won’t admit it. Lila convinces Jessica to play one last trick on Elizabeth and make her think that rich and conceited Bruce Patman is terminally ill. Lila explains that Elizabeth really dislikes Bruce so if she starts going out of her way to be nice and spend time with him, it will prove she believes in the Ouija Board. What Lila doesn’t tell Jess is that she intends for Elizabeth to fall for Bruce with Jeffrey being away, and then when Jeffrey gets back he’ll be all Lila’s. The scheme works a little too well, and Elizabeth is spending all of her time with Bruce, which is ticking off Jessica. Jessica tells Bruce the truth, thinking it will make him back off, but instead he just plays up “being sick” to try and score with Elizabeth. Jessica wants to tell her sister the truth, but Lila tells her if she does, Elizabeth will know Jessica touched her journal and went through her private letters, so Jessica holds out. Meanwhile a paranoid schizophrenic named Donald Redman escapes from the psychiatric facility. Years ago, he was teased by a group of popular kids and became obsessed with a popular girl who was dating a football jock back when he was a student at Sweet Valley High. He kidnapped her and did some other things that got him expelled and he blames everyone but himself. Then he tried to kill his parents and got committed. He was a bit of a genius though, particularly with electronics and explosives. He makes a bomb threat at the local movie theatre, where Jessica is seeing a picture with Lila. But it’s a false alarm. He does the same thing at some big school spirit concert at the high school stadium, but again it’s not a real bomb. But Elizabeth has a feeling he is getting ready to take his revenge, and she is worried. She keeps getting all of these hang-up calls and then a mysterious man tries to visit the mother of a kid Elizabeth is babysitting. She realizes he looks a lot like Redman, but the mother (Elsa) says it is just a coincidence. Jeffrey surprises Elizabeth by returning a week early from camp, and he is upset to find her with Bruce. But Elizabeth refuses to tell Jeffrey why she is hanging around Bruce because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s “sick.” This goes on for a few days, and Jeffrey is running out of patience while Lila keeps fueling the fire. When Elizabeth leaves a message for Jeffrey to wait at her house when she has to run out suddenly, because Bruce sounds as if he is going to end his life, and doesn’t give a reason, Jeffrey follows her. He finds Bruce and Elizabeth at the stadium and tells Elizabeth that Bruce bragged to him earlier about having a date with her. Elizabeth realizes she has been tricked and is furious. She runs away and decides to hide in the stadium’s utility closet in case Bruce or Jeffrey chases after her; she wants to be alone. She finds the mysterious man, who is certainly Redman, building a bunch of bombs. Elizabeth screams and tries to run away, but he has her trapped and threatens to blow them both up if she tries to escape (he is holding a remote detonator). Redman keeps calling Elizabeth Melanie, because Liz looks exactly like the popular girl who scorned him all those years ago. Redman makes Liz scream to attract Bruce and Jeffrey and when they enter the utility room, they’re trapped with Elizabeth. Back at the Wakefield house, Jessica and Lila take the Ouija board for one last spin, and it tells them that Elizabeth is in danger at the stadium, but neither Jessica nor Lila moved the planchette for once. Jessica remembers that Elizabeth told her how sometimes a person’s subconscious can move the planchette without that person realizing it and she feels like her sister is in terrible danger courtesy of her twin ESP. She and Lila rush to their car where they met Elsa who is worried and has come to warn Elizabeth. Donald Redman is Elsa’s brother and only living family. She explains he came to see her earlier that day and kept talking about getting revenge on Melanie and how he thought Liz was Melanie. They call the police and head for the stadium. The police arrive at the stadium and seal it off. Redman refuses to let anyone go and that he’ll blow them all up, because he is convinced his bomb won’t hurt him and will just kill everyone else. When he hears his sister on the megaphone he is distracted just long enough for Jeffrey to tackle him. The remote detonator slides under the cabinet in the struggle, but Redman says that it’s too late because he already pushed it. Bruce takes off with the bomb, getting it away from everyone else and Redman runs after him. Elizabeth tries to get the detonator while Jeffrey moves the cabinet that it’s under so she can reach it. When Liz gets it, she doesn’t know what to do, so Jeffrey suggests smashing it and cutting all the wires. They do, and take a deep breath and then hear a massive explosion that knocks them both down. They are both crying, sure that Bruce is dead. Police rush into the stadium and Elizabeth and Jeffrey see Bruce walking towards them, injured but alive. Bruce tells them that Redman caught up with him and grabbed the bomb and ran off, laughing. He had it when it went off; he’s dead. The three of them leave the stadium while friends are waiting. Jessica and Elizabeth hug and all is forgiven and right again. But Elizabeth makes Jessica promise never to go near a Ouija board again.


Make sure to tune in next time because the drama isn’t slowing down! Next up: The end of the best relationship Elizabeth Wakefield will ever know, scheming rich bitches, drunk drivers and a star quarterback going blind… Only in Sweet Valley High! 🙂



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