Sweet Valley High (The Book Series): Season 4 – The Skinny And The Perfect Size 6 (Part 1)

Welcome to the season that started the Super Star Editions! This season was a little less over-the-top than the last season, but way more “high school.” I mean my eyes got tired of rolling from all of the ridiculousness. And yet it ended on a rather heavy note… If you’ve missed out, or you simply want to have a drive-by revisit of the last season of books, look no further and consider this your cheat sheet for what you may have missed in the world of Sweet Valley High.

Since Sweet Valley High is pretty much a soap opera, I have broken up the books into seasons and in this special seven-part post treat it like a TV show. In this post you will find “The Skinny (highlights from season 4), “The Perfect Size 6” (each book/episode broken down into a single paragraph), and in the very last post everything Sweet Valley High did this year including a love curse, the ultimate romantic face off, and a Wakefield family spotlight. Enjoy! 🙂

The Skinny

It was all about the little dramas in this season of Sweet Valley High. There was: Jessica cheats on her first-ever-boyfriend with a guy who goes psycho, stalks her and then tries to abduct Elizabeth and then Jessica dumps the boy she cheated on because she loves him too much. Then Jessica and Winston Egbert are lost at sea, after being caught in a storm on a school field trip – they play Gilligan’s Island for a whole day. Then a student falls in love with her teacher and gets a little inappropriate. A mad-bomber escapes a mental institution and starts leaving fake bombs around Sweet Valley, because he is bent on revenge against the girl who broke his heart. Jessica and Lila make Elizabeth believe that Bruce Patman is dying and he goes along with it in hopes of getting in her pants. The mad bomber sees Liz, mistakes her for the girl he is pissed at, and tries to blow her, her boyfriend and Bruce, up with a bomb. Elizabeth’s first love, Todd Wilkins, moves back to Sweet Valley and wants Elizabeth back – Elizabeth is now torn between two men that she loves deeply. Shocker, she chooses Asshat Wilkins and Jeffrey is devastated. Of course after that, Elizabeth and Todd break up and make up every other episode. The star quarterback is hit by a drunk driver and loses his eyesight because of it, but don’t worry it won’t keep, otherwise how will Sweet Valley High be undefeated next season? A con woman and her trashy daughter sink their hooks in Lila Fowler’s father and he proposes, but Lila is able to “out” them just in time – as in once they’re at the altar in front of dozens of guests! Jessica makes up aliases to try her luck at online dating while Liz decides she’s boring and gets a perm. Elizabeth almost drowns in a surfing accident while the twins’ brother Steven almost dies in a hang-gliding accident. The ghost of Tricia Martin strikes again! Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield get extra stupid with each other, resulting in lots of fighting. Mr. Wakefield moves out, Liz runs away and Jessica doesn’t care but still blames everyone else. Mr. Wakefield runs for mayor and then drops out at the last minute; he and Mrs. Wakefield get back together, despite Jessica’s attempts to set them up with other people. Bruce and Roger Patman have to beat each other out in a ridiculous contest where the winner will inherit the entire family fortune and the loser will just be a loser. Elizabeth tries her hand at matchmaking. At the end of the season, a racist punk and his thug buddies single out one of three black students at Sweet Valley High, complete with “Go back to Africa” messages and horrible beatings that makes everyone realize prejudice exists, even in picture-perfect Sweet Valley. And these are just the highlights; you know there was more romance, heartache, lying, scheming, twin switches and high school drama – just check out the episode recaps to get your fill. Because Sweet Valley High is all about the drama! 😛

SVH Then and Now

The Perfect Size Six

Episode 62 – “Second Chance”: Kristin Thompson is on her way to becoming a real tennis pro. If she makes it through the qualifying matches in the next two weeks, she will officially be playing on the pro circuit as a member of Nick Wylie’s team. It is all she has ever wanted. But now she is having second thoughts. She is worried that if she doesn’t live up to her mother’s reputation, who was a tennis star who died in a tragic plane crash when Kristin was only seven years old, her coach and her father will be nothing but disappointed and angry with her. Bruce Patman wants in on Kristin’s near-celebrity status and asks her out a few times, but Kristin isn’t that interested in him – but she can’t help thinking about what it would be like to have a normal life. She also is recruited by Elizabeth Wakefield to be a big sister, spending time with a young girl named Emily, whose mother died in a car accident. Emily also loves tennis. Kristin cannot get out of her own head and loses the final qualification match, meaning she is the first alternate to the pro team and won’t have another shot until the following year. The next day Emily is upset because she didn’t make it into tennis camp and is worried at how Kristin will react. Kristin realizes that Emily has unknowingly taught her so much about herself and the pressure that is all in her own head. She makes up with her father and her tennis coach, Dorrie, and soon after gets a call from Nick Wylie. The person she lost to was injured and will not be able to play for two months. He tells Kristin he was surprised she lost and thought it might be a freak thing, and wants to know if she would like to play on his team. She is ecstatic. Kristin’s first tournament on the team is against someone who no one thought she would stand a chance against, even before her slump. But Kristin plays wonderfully and wins!

Episode 63 – “Two-Boy Weekend”: A.J. Morgan is going to Texas to celebrate his grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary, and his girlfriend, Jessica Wakefield, is beside herself. What is she going to do while he is gone! The first few days she mopes around, until her friends are finally able to convince her to go to the beach with them. She stays behind on the beach after they leave and meets a handsome and mysterious boy named Christopher. Christopher asks her to dinner and Jessica decides it would be all right to accept a dinner invitation, because nothing is going to happen, and it is a good way to pass the time. But she still feels kind of guilty. Christopher asks her out again and they spend the next day together, and it is incredibly romantic, but Jessica knows her heart is with A.J. so this is just a fling. She breaks the news to Christopher the next day on the beach, where they first met, and he is disappointed, but they go their separate ways with the understanding they’re through. But then Christopher calls Jessica every day, sometimes many times, demanding to see her. She keeps blowing him off, so he starts following her around. He confronts Jessica’s twin sister, Elizabeth, not knowing Jessica has a twin and is upset that Elizabeth acts like she doesn’t know who he is. A.J. is trying to sell his car, and Christopher calls him about it in hopes of getting close to Jessica. He wants to take the car for a test drive and claims to be in a hurry, but A.J.’s mother needs him so Jessica goes on the test drive with Christopher. Christopher drives like a maniac and then threatens to crash the car into a brick wall unless Jessica goes out with him again. Jessica holds out until they’re a few feet from said wall, going crazy fast. Christopher stops the car just in time, and Jessica realizes how trapped she really is. She confesses everything to Elizabeth who encourages her to be honest with A.J. but Jessica is determined to wait until after the Citizen’s Day Ball, because A.J. is their king and she wants to be crowned queen. Jessica keeps stalling with Christopher and cancels their date the night of the ball with the excuse that she is sick. She plans to tell A.J. everything the following day. Christopher sees Elizabeth at the ball and again mistakes her for Jessica. Elizabeth plays along, hoping to buy Jessica enough time to be crowned queen. He “forces” Elizabeth to take a walk with him and she tries to get away, but he hits her and shoves her in his trunk. Jessica is overcome with her “twin instinct” and leaves the ball in the middle of A.J.’s essay to look for Elizabeth, along with Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Jeffrey French. She sees Christopher starting to drive away and she blocks his path and screams at him, “Where is my sister?” Jeffrey comes and tackles Christopher, and Jessica gets Elizabeth out of the trunk. The police are on their way and Elizabeth makes Jessica go back to the ball to be with A.J. When Jessica gets there she is honest with A.J. that she is not ready to be in a committed relationship and they break-up in typical melodramatic fashion. A.J. asks Jessica to still be his queen for the night in honor of what they had. Jessica accepts and is torn, because she really loves A.J. but knows herself all too well. She never does tell A.J. about Christopher.

Episode 64 – “Perfect Shot”: Shelly Novak is the beautiful and tall star of the Sweet Valley High girls basketball team and is the reason they have a shot at all-state. But because she is over six feet tall she feels like a freak. Even worse, she has a mad crush on her best friend Greg Hilliard and he doesn’t seem to know she exists. When she asks him to a dance, he is genuinely surprised and mentions how weird they would look since she is taller than him, and Shelly feels even worse. But then she meets Jim Roberts at ballroom dancing lessons held after school by a man named Patrick McLean, and all of that changes. Jim thinks Shelly is beautiful and talented and doesn’t seem the least bit put off by her height. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins tells his students about a photography contest the local newspaper, The Sweet Valley News, is having. Jeffrey French is going to submit something, and when he sees Jim’s pictures he encourages him to do the same. Jim isn’t going to enter at first, even though photography has always been his passion he minimizes it as a hobby, but then he falls in love with a picture he took of Shelly and decides to enter it because he wants the world to see what he sees. The problem is he promised Shelly he would never take another picture of her, and wouldn’t show the pictures he had already taken to anyone else. When Shelly finds out she is furious and blows up at Jim, who quickly goes to Mr. Collins to withdraw his picture from the contest. After talking with her best friend and her mother, Shelly realizes that even if it was wrong of Jim to break a promise to her, she overreacted and photography is important to him, and if anyone appreciates competition and sportsmanship, it’s Shelly. She goes to Mr. Collins and has him put Jim’s picture back in the running, but whenever she tries to talk to Jim and tell him how she feels about him or explain why the picture made her so upset, she can’t find the words and they just always say the wrong thing to each other. It seems like they’re through. Then Jim wins the contest and his photograph is published on the newspaper’s front page. Jim is surprised since he thought he wasn’t even in the running and everyone tells him what a wonderful photographer he is. Even more people are telling Shelly how beautiful and graceful she appears in the picture. The girl’s basketball team wins all of their games, and makes it to all-state. During the last game, Shelly sends a note to Jim, explaining how she really feels about him. Jim smiles and signals to her that he feels the same way. They go to the Varsity Dance after the big game, where a bunch of athletes are being honored and Shelly wins Athlete of the Year which includes a $5,000 scholarship. Meanwhile, Jessica Wakefield and Amy Sutton are competing for their dance teacher’s affections, but he isn’t interested in either of them and has a beautiful and glamorous girlfriend that he takes to the Varsity Dance. To add insult to injury, Jessica and Amy show up to the dance in the same dress!

SVH S4 1

How is that for the start of Sweet Valley High Season 4? I hope you enjoyed it, but even more I hope you tune in for the rest of this season’s posts. Watch out for Part 2 tomorrow, which features Jessica being stranded on a desert island with the biggest nerd in school, some questionable student/teacher relations, and an escaped and deranged mad bomber that has it out for Elizabeth Wakefield, and he plans to take her and her friends out with a BANG!

You won’t want to miss it! 😉



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